Seance with Warren Caylor. June 25th

After a last minute dash with the family to the supermarket for groceries, I was running late but finally en-route from my home to Clevedon for a physical séance with Warren Caylor. Fortunately after getting stuck behind only one farm tractor and 2 holidaymakers (the joys of rural life in the summer), I was on the motorway and made it to the Lodge with almost 15 minutes to spare.

By 6pm we were all ready and assembled in the Lodge, doors sealed and locked.

The Bristol Spirit Lodge is a roughly 12’ square converted garden summer-house/shed. It’s been made lightproof so we can have full blackout séances when required, as well as the more usual red-light sittings and seats up to about 10-12 sitters comfortably.

In the centre of the room a hexagonal area has been cut in the carpet tiles to allow an exposed are of wood about 3’ across. It’s in this area that we placed this evening a bunch of cutlery, a traditional séance trumpet, a sealed wooden box, some chalk and a toy sliding whistle.

I watched Jock bind and secure Warren into the chair – to the point where I was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable with the level of restraints used. I had to trust that the Warren’s team would intervene soon enough before loss of blood supply did any permanent damage.
Heavy duty 8mm cable ties looped through holes drilled through the arms of the chair secured his wrists and were pulled enthusiastically tight.
Two lengths of black rope were tied tightly around his legs before securing his ankles to the chair-legs, the free ends of which were then looped up and tied around his arms.
A gag was tied firmly into his mouth and another tie secured his waist to the chair, the free ends of which were then looped and tied around the back of his neck.
Finally a hood/pillowcase cover was placed over his head and photographs were taken of all the restraints.

Chris closed the curtains and as soon as everyone was ready, I read the opening prayer and started the music –the first two tracks to be listened to in complete silence whilst Warren was taken into Trance.

Typically, before the end of the first track we started to hear knocking coming from the cabinet ceiling, by the end of the track the knocks were becoming bangs and within a few minutes Tom’s voice could be heard. He was a bit quiet at first and after some rather bizarre sounds, he’d re-built the voice box with more ectoplasm and was coming through loud and clear.

Over the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve sat with Warren in Physical Séances a dozen times or so and Tom has become a familiar friend. His personality is quite unique and very identifiable. Tom exchanged a few hello’s with some other familiar faces in the room and he soon settled everyone down –we had 6 first time sitters with us so I guess there was a fair degree of nervous energy in the room adding to the overall excitement.

Tom gave regular instructions as to the volume of the music and within minutes things were happening and physical phenomena were coming think and fast.
Yellow Feather came forward to welcome everyone in his usual style and describe some of the experiments the team were going to attempt this evening. We were a bit taken aback when he told us that the room was not safe and that a light bulb had been left in the light fitting (there is a red light above the front of the cabinet, controlled by a dimmer switch next to the circle leaders chair). Quite rightly admonishing us for this oversight, he took out the bulb himself and then proceeded to remove the lamp shade as well, handing it to Jerry to look after.

The highlight of the evening for me came next. I know this may seem unfair to some of the other sitters who couldn’t really see what was going on and only had my own commentary to gauge what was happening but for me this was quite unique.

Yellow Feather asked for the luminous plaque to be placed in centre of the room, Chris duly obliged. Then, after a demonstration of levitation and materialisation of a hand to the sitters and a personal demonstration with Jerry, he brought the plaque over to me where it hovered right in front of my face before coming down to chest waist height. The plaque is about 4” square (roughly 10cm) and one once side is coated in a luminous paint.
I don’t have large hands (Warren’s by comparison are much larger and fuller than my own) but the 4 fingers and one thumb lying on the top of the plaque were slightly smaller than my own but definitely adult in shape – quite ‘fleshy’, not at all thin and bony.

Yellow Feather asked me to gently reach out and place my hand on top of his and while I did this, feeling the surprisingly warm hand, a second hand was brought down on top of my own.
As my own hand gently lay over Yellow Feather’s, his other came down on top of mine and his two hands sandwiched mine, the complete assemblage moved up and down in the air. What was surprising though was the complete lack of resistance offered up from the levitating plaque below my hand. As his top hand pushed down on mine, I connected with his lower hand/plaque which bobbed up and down in the air. There was no sensation of it being connected to a regular arm. A very weird feeling indeed.

What was also interesting was that although the only source of light was the plaque itself, silhouetting the hand, I could see the surface of his skin clearly, the wrinkles across his knuckles & the outline of his fingernails. In retrospect there was not enough light from the plaque to achieve this, so I can only believe that his hand was faintly glowing itself. I’ve seen this before in a séance when Yellow Feather has materialised once in red light and twice in dim white light. The ectoplasm itself seems to give off a glow whilst at the same time being almost translucent ...if I didn’t know better I’d swear he looked just like a ghost.

Next, Tom tried to make himself visible in full form in front of the cabinet. Unfortunately this didn’t work out as planned and although several of us thought we could see a misty outline in the red light, it wasn’t really clear. I suspect that I may have turned the light up too far - we’ll find out another time perhaps.

A short while later, we were joined by the voice and shuffling steps of Winston, who told us of the experiment he wished to conduct. “Matter through Matter & the dematerialisation and re-materialisation of the medium.”
When he asked me to then turn on the red light, Warren’s chair was in the middle of the room no more than 30cm from my right foot (glad they missed my toes, it’s a very solid piece of furniture). Of Warren himself, there was no sign whatsoever.

Jock, who had been the instigator of the rather over exuberant restraints, was asked to step forward and sit in the chair to prove that it was indeed completely empty. He also confirmed that the right hand cable tie was completely missing and far more interestingly, the left was still looped through the chair unbroken.
Once Jock had returned to his seat, the lights were again turned off. The chair was moved a little way away (by the spirit team) and the fun and games resumed.

Luther came through and in the little wooden summer house, fairly shook the walls with the power of his voice alone. ...Any problems in the Etheric when I get over there and I definitely want him on my side.
He spoke at length and made a point of informing Lee (who admitted to having no knowledge of either DNA or Family history) that he too held the gift for physical mediumship. This in itself was exciting to hear as we’ve not long established a regular blackout circle, sitting weekly with Lee as the designated medium.
Luther then went on to tell him that he would come through and communicate himself through Lee, in his own voice. Not something that could ever be faked or mistaken for anyone else. You can get a feeling for it from the audio recordings, but even this can only convey about one tenth of the power that you feel in person when he speaks.

Finally Yellow Feather came and offered to Dance for us. He brought a friend with him who had only recently tried coming through using ectoplasm. Although his voice was faint we all heard him before he stepped back and asked Yellow Feather to both sing and dance. His voice reverberated around the room and the building shook to his stamping foot. So hard were the bangs on the floor that I had visions of Chris’ husband having to come back out and repair the damage the next day. Then in true comic style, the song was over and YF could be heard limping -over dramatically- back to the cabinet.

There was some more chat and YF & Tom played around with the cutlery, box and assorted toys before the séance was brought to a close.
When we turned up the lights, Warrens T-shirt was located in one corner, the chair was now in centre of the room. Warren was found inside the cabinet. He was bound hand and foot by the waist ties, cable ties and gag, and his hands tied in an almost prayerful position to the curtain-rail of the cabinet by the red tie that started off around his waist. The box had been tied –along with assorted twisted spoons and knives- to the light fitting. Another bundle of cutlery had been ties to the cabinet curtain rail.

More photos ensued until the batteries ran flat and we left the Lodge to enjoy reliving the evening again over tea/coffee cakes and sandwiches.

Did great aunt Ethel come through to prove her continuing survival? No she didn’t, but that was not what we were there to find. Those of us who have sat before with Warren and other PM’s don’t need that kind of personal contact –we’re already convinced. What we witnessed though was empirical physical phenomena and communication via direct voice (that moved independently around the room) that provided 100% proof that it was under Spirit control. We met and played with old friends, chatted and enjoyed each other’s company.

Those who joined us for the first time were privileged to join a small, private home circle with one of the foremost physical mediums active today. They got to witness and experience firsthand the absolute truth that life –not to mention a sense of humour- very definitely carry on beyond the end of our physical lives. And when our time comes as it certainly will in due course, then we may feel nervous, possibly even some trepidation, but we will not go with fear of the unknown. We know and have spent time with others who have gone before and who are working ceaselessly to share this understanding with anyone else who is prepared to take the time to listen.

And thanks to Warren especially, who despite all the flack in recent years still carrys on with no apparent benefit to himself whatsoever. Allowing himself to be tied up, restrained, queried and searched & to become the target of insults and criticism from those who ought to know better. All just so that others have the opportunity to experience first hand the reality of Spirit for themselves.


NOTE: There were in actually 6 first time sitters in the Lodge for this seance and only 4 of us who had previously sat with a Physical Medium. To make sure that the newcomers were 100% satisfied -and I know from my own experience how hard the first sitting is to accept as genuine, no matter how open to the possibilities you may be- it was agreed that the restraints used would have to be unquestionable after the event.
Hence the level of detail.