Having recently sat for a private reading with Warren Caylor, I found it to be the most accurate and interesting one I have ever had. He was able to advise me before a booked hospital scan due a few days after the reading, that the diagnosis would be not what the doctors had suspected in the first place.
(I have had the scan and this is true) Along with his helpers Warren was able to give me dates and situations around me and also names that all made sense to
me. I would not hesitate to recommend Warren for a private sitting in fact I would positively encourage everyone to have one.

A Pratt, Northmapton

Thank you warren and your wonderful spirit team.
I can't describe the feeling of warmth and love that surrounded us all, and to
receive a personal message from my great uncle jack was truly special, but the
highlight of the evening for me was a visit from my black Labrador who passed
into spirit just last week, there is no better evidence of life after death than
this, thank you once again. Love to you all, until next time, Ruth

Thank you Warren for the reading, I know I post this feedback lately, but it was amazing, u know things that myself doesn't know bout it. I appreciate it and the time u took for me.

I had my reading with Warren yesterday. I have to say, I was pensive at first, wondering if he would be able to see what was there. Incredibly, Warren managed to glean info that only a select close few know, and they are not affiliated with Warren, or know him in any way. I shared my reading with them, and they are as impressed as I am. I kept going over the reading, he got most of it right! I say most, because some is yet to happen I look forwards to learning with you, Warren, and to eventually work with you. Of all the mediums, and I have met quite a few in the circuit, you are by far the most grounding, sincere and generous and accurate. Thank you!

I was blessed 2 have received a reading from warren, was amaZing was a reading & a healing aswell Warren you were so spot on and I thank-you from my heart, you're so Gifted and Caring after losin faith you've given me hope Again and I thank-you, I have 2 say if you're BLESSED enough 2 get a reading you will be getting a reading from 1 amazing man who joins2 worlds 2 gether Cannot think any more highly of your GIFT

Claudia Amara Yachour Thank you Warren. Your reading helped me a lot. And the accuracy is enormous, I am very grateful. God bless you and I am looking forword to meet you and your spirit team in our séance room here in Germany in February. You do a wonderful work.

ok guys this man is awesome he knew eveything down to the spirit i keep seeing! Also about various things no one could have known he gave me the greatest advice and insight i consider this man wonderful, oh and will tell you the truth in a gentle advising way it was the most positive uplifting reading i have ever had i am ever so grateful to warren muah!!! he is truly a blessed individual and i hope every one truly appreciates his gift to them as many would not give this reading out of pure wanting to help people sincerly serenity

Whao Warren. Thank you so much for your reading. It was spot on. Both regarding my personal developing and my family situation. You really has a fantastic bond with your spiritteam, and that you can do together is without limits. I hope to see you soon XXX Monica

cant believe how good the reading was ive just had of Warren Caylor Medium Spirits he was spot on with every single thing my feelings,my life,what id been thro.people i have in spirit things that people dont even know he was unbelieavable.when i get mh laptop fixed il copy and post it so people can see how brilliant he defo go to him in the reading actually made me cry lol not in a bad way tho.thanks again warren keep up ur great work,your brilliant ag it

Wow! Just had a reading with Warren and he absolutely blew me away! He told me things that no one else could possibly know other than myself and loved ones that may be watching over me. It just reinforced my belief that life goes on beyond this physical plane. I can't thank you enough Warren, God bless!