SEANCE EXPERIENCE. February 5th. 2011.

Sitters and witnesses: . Chris. Mike. Margaret. Lee. Attia. Dave. Sandy. Tracy. Jack. Jerry.

Rather than us clipping sections of audio from the recording made within this seance we offer, on this occasion, a full seance audio experience for the listener.

The lodge was set with blackout conditions. Therefore, to sit in the dark with headphones on gives a fair, although approximate, representation of the conditions experienced by the sitter within this evenings seance.

This evening Warren Caylor was seated secured by cable ties and rope, completed with gag and hood, within a chair, inside a closed curtained cabinet. Three witnesses tied and checked the restraints. Ten supporting sitters were present. The seance was opened and closed with a prayer.

Within the seance a period of time passed during which flashing lights are observed in the room. These being brilliantly bright spirit lights, some lighting the room, many were displayed in time to the music.

The whistling, heard on the recording, is enabled by Tom, spirit child. He was apparently using the child's plastic slide-whistle provided in the seance room.

Also during the seance, during a quieter period, ectoplasm was seen clearly illuminated by the red light (the spirit team ask Chris to control this light).

At another time, the CD refused to play and Chris became frustrated by this. Tom, spirit child, came over to take control of the CD player, in the dark, whilst Mike held on to Chris's hands to prove her lack of involvement.

The luminous plaque (a small plain square of plywood with luminous plastic stuck to it...the plaque being owned by Chris Di Nucci and not previously used in seance) was passed around and held by each sitter. The spirit team had embedded, what appeared to be, a glowing leaf within the wood. The leaf appeared glowing bright in the middle of the plaque. The leaf could not be appeared to be like a hologram, or something of that sort. After the seance this leaf had disappeared and the plaque remained clear as usual.

At close of seance a wooden box with a sheet of paper inside it, that had been sealed with cable ties and placed in the room before the seance began, was found to be still sealed, but within it was now the child's slide-whistle, bent and broken, inside the box, along with the paper, which was now tightly screwed up.

Full seance audio:

NOTE: The seance ran for about two hours. When downloaded the listenner has control to fast forward etc. However, to get the best taste of the seance we recommend sitting in the dark with headphones on and the sound turned up!