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· Warren Caylor Seance


The trumpet flew again Tuesday night. This time three up at a time as Warren Caylor sat bound and gagged in the cabinet. More phenomena!Tommy (8 year old spirit boy) even picked up the drum sticks with the MFluorescent tips and play a beat on the floor with such verve, you would havethought he was a professional drummer! Ectoplasm........There was a great mass of ectoplasm--even a spirit hand which went around the room. Steve, one of the sitters was allowed to touch it, and he said it was solidand felt just like a human hand. The Warren was cut from the ties and while in trance, he walked over to me with about two feet of ectoplasm extruded from his nostrils.Yellow Feather led him over to me, and I was allowed to touch it. The substance felt like cotton candy with a rougher or net-like texture.


Warren Caylor will be returning to the United State in September to do a program at Lily Dale in New York State. If you wish to learn more about him, his website is




Linda L. Jones Haddam, CT. U.S.A.


In seventy one years of my life I have never been to a physical medium. I didn't know what one was until I was invited to meet Warren Caylor. Out of curiosity I agreed and at first was skeptical then I met Warren it was the most amazing physical phenomena event I have ever witnessed. What I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears was the most profound moment in my life. What I have learned is there is more to life then life itself! There is so much we all have not experienced in our own lives. The universe is so much greater then we realize! I feel so honored now that I have met Warren. He is amazing and I'm so grateful that he traveled all the way to the USA to allow someone like myself this wonderful opportunity. I now can say I have witnessed apports and ectoplasm and levitation and so much more.

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought at my age would I be seeing this or who knew this even was real! It's so beautiful and so powerful! Now I can say I witnessed it and it's something everyone at least once in there life should experience.







Kevin Lee 6TH December at 03:43 · Fort Lauderdale, FL ·


Warren Caylor Xmas Circle Tonight was simply amazing. We were visited by Sir Winston Churchhill, Leonard Nemoy, and Warrens Guides. We experienced common phenomena such as trumpet levitation, playing of musical instruments, drumming, matter through matter demonstration, dematerialization and rematerialization of his outer sweater. 4 beautiful and heavy crystal apports came via the mouth shortly after starting. Much fun and laughter with Luther opening a present to discover a Bra had been wrapped up! Oh my! All our many presents collected these last 3 seances will be donated to Kids in Distress, Foster Care for Kids.

Thank you Warren and Team for an amazing time with our Spirit Family of friends!






April 22nd 2016, Sweden..BY Lana Ollson


Now that the shock has finally subsided, I can write a little bit about some of the amazing experiences we witnessed with great honor here in Sweden by Warren Peter Caylor and his dear Spirit Team xxxx

Hematites rained from seance room's ceiling and flowing like water from Warren's mouth during trance pre, per and post seance , messages and gifts from the higher spheres and from many of the Spirit Team to a lot of us sitters, a huge amount of love, harmony, warmth and humor ( lots of jokes about Bras lol ) and a whole lotta ectoplasm as many of us were privileged to touch with great care. But the coolest thing of all was enough when Yellow Feather managed to take full control of Warren's body (!) and walked (!!) in the seance room while he was talking ( !!!) with us and pulled ectoplasm from the nostril and bent, twisted and pulled it for us to see- During candle light (!!!!)- so that all who attended were able to witness this amazing happening!! Truly amazing! <3

Thank you Warren Peter Caylor and your spirit team for letting us take part of this truly amazing experience, I think I speak for everyone who attended that we're very honoured and greatful for it





Short report of the séances of Warren Caylor in Basel in June 2015

Tuesday, June 23rd:


 At the beginning several stones fall to the ground, a total of 5 or 6th speeches by Tommy, Yellow Feather, Albert. Luther turned to VK the youngest of the seater. He thinks he is most suitable for trance and PM. Winston specifically addresses a lady of whom he thinks she has strong healing powers. Jessica talks longer and is also in dialogue with Tommy. She plays amazingly well trumpet, even some to the music. The trumpets march very beautifully and fly beautifully. Then I will take Warren out of his mouth. In very good light, he retrieves 17 of these copies of actives from his mouth. The sweater is half pulled, the right arm is free. Later he is again completely tied up, The pull-pull and the tape (Gaffa tape with which we now tie it with cable ties) looks on it undamaged. I can not imagine how this happened. A transfiguration experiment follows. Clear-sighted apparently changes in the face are seen, but not so that all seater can perceive this. At the end, the chair is levitated into the room after I have wrapped more tape around arms and around the legs. Warren has no longer a sweater, but the tape still looks like I had it wrapped around it. But not so that all seater can perceive this. At the end, the chair is levitated into the room after I have wrapped more tape around arms and around the legs. Warren has no longer a sweater, but the tape still looks like I had it wrapped around it. But not so that all seater can perceive this. At the end, the chair is levitated into the room after I have wrapped more tape around arms and around the legs. Warren has no longer a sweater, but the tape still looks like I had it wrapped around it.


There are messages for several seater. C. Hears that she has healing abilities and that Master Hilarion would work with her. It should also be a physical medium. In the end, the energy is so high that there is no final levitation experiment. Yellow Feathers' voice is getting quieter, it's coming again, but it will soon be weak again. Warren sits tied without a t-shirt and without a sweater. The tape looks unaffected, the gag is still in the mouth. It is hard to imagine how he could have reconnected the second arm himself.


Tuesday, June 23rd: Warren has an appointment with William Nonog in the morning, since he does not feel well. In the waiting room two plastic parts appear in the Red Bull Dose with the diamond cut like the active stones. They are bigger than the opening, Therese has to cut them open to get them out. Then Warren eats a little watermelon and has two more stones. This happens in the waiting room in front of the other customers. A woman is apparently worried that he is going to be sick, and Warren says this is normal. "This is not normal," she says with good reason. Warren then sits in the Séance space to talk with the spirits. We hear two stones fall to the ground, whereupon he leaves the room, he is not well. He goes back in, but wants us to leave the door open. As he rages, another stone falls to the ground. Now there are already seven. Three more come in the morning as he sits down at the computer. We then go to nunt for lunch in an Indian restaurant. When eating five more stones are created in his mouth.